For once my strawberry beds were neat and organised, I was able to walk between them. I thought that I would protect my future plentiful crop just by putting up string with some old CDs fluttering in the wind.

It was a good idea but the pigeons didn’t buy it. As I came to the allotment today I saw one fat pigeon fly away from the strawberries.

The straw I bought yesterday was already on the first three beds so I just got all my spare netting and covered the beds.


The next job was to plant my yacon plants. As I’ve never grown it before I followed the instructions to the letter, waited until the plants were the right size in the pots and then planted them out in the perfect place – inside the net cage with the tomatoes and tomatilloes, just in case the public enemy no.1 aka the pidgeons decide to have a go.

2 thoughts on “PIGEONS

  1. Do I understand properly, that you use straw in your strawberry beds against the pigeons? (straw and strawberry – what do they have in common? Or only a coincidence?)


    • No, the straw doesn’t stop the pigeons, I had to put a net over the strawberries. The straw keeps the strawberries off the ground so they don’t get wet and dirty if it rains. Not sure if the words are connected – will try to find out


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