Amazing what a day of rain can do – it seems that everything has doubled in size. I thought I had the weeding under control but how wrong was I!!

There was nothing else but get down to it and weed….and weed again. As a result I have got very nice and regimented rows of carrots, beetroot and broad beans. Potatoes are usually in order but even the humble spuds are quite orderly.

The next job was to construct a couple of frames for my next year strawberry beds. I had this idea that I’d surround an area of land with planks of wood and next year I would grow strawberries there – much easier to protect – just throw a net over the whole structure.

I was lucky, my friend on the site had an asparagus bed that he no longer wanted. It was a quick job to dismantle the whole thing and install it on my plot! Exactly as I wanted!



I was quite surprised today that I managed to pick 1.5kg of strawberries! Considering the weather we’ve been having, it is a miracle. I checked my last year notes and I’m 2 weeks late with the harvest.

It was well worth the effort with the bale of straw, I think the pigeons were getting some ideas that there would be a feast – obviously the old CDs on strings all over the beds of strawberries didn’t frighten them at all, so nets came out, same as last year.

Talk about a carbon footprint or food miles – minimal in my case!

They are so tasty, full of flavour. we had some tonight with my home-made yoghurt and I made 8 jars of jam. I found that the best jam is made using Certo, every bottle has a recipe on the label and the jam is made within a short time – none of the boiling the fruit to death! This way the colour is great, good set and the taste is second to none.

This is the first batch of many – just as well I have got a loft full of jam jars!

Onwards and upwards.


For once my strawberry beds were neat and organised, I was able to walk between them. I thought that I would protect my future plentiful crop just by putting up string with some old CDs fluttering in the wind.

It was a good idea but the pigeons didn’t buy it. As I came to the allotment today I saw one fat pigeon fly away from the strawberries.

The straw I bought yesterday was already on the first three beds so I just got all my spare netting and covered the beds.


The next job was to plant my yacon plants. As I’ve never grown it before I followed the instructions to the letter, waited until the plants were the right size in the pots and then planted them out in the perfect place – inside the net cage with the tomatoes and tomatilloes, just in case the public enemy no.1 aka the pidgeons decide to have a go.