My gardening is divided – flowers and perennial plants in the back and front gardens and vegetables and soft fruit on the allotment (there are a few flowers around my shed).

The back garden almost looks after itself but even though it looks quite effortless there is a fair bit to do. I’m a hoarder and given half a chance I’d grow all possible and impossible things from cuttings!

This is just a sample of the different flowers that are out just now. The roses are brilliant this year but my photography doesn’t do them justice.

Why do I choose the windiest evening  to take pictures?

4 thoughts on “SOMETHING ELSE

  1. No, that is something called Phlomis, I took a cutting from my friend. I think it might be called ….sage, not sure about it. It is a bush, anyway. Glad you like it all, Eva. See you soon.


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