I was rather surprised when I found these few strawberries today. After the dismal May I never expected any yet.

As it happened I drove to a farm where I often get my chicken manure pellets and fresh eggs, this time I got a bale of straw as well. Just as well I got a bale – after working very hard the whole afternoon I managed to do 3 of my 4 strawberry beds and I’ve got just a little bit of the straw left.


As I was working I noticed that a large number of strawberries were turning pink. I’ve constructed a network of string with some old CDs attached but to make even more sure that none of the greedy birds get any idea I made some other things. A plastic shopping bag tied to a stick and then cut into ribbons so it flutters in the wind. A bit of an overkill but better to be safe then sorry.

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