This is the best part of autumn gardening – recycling as much as possible. I had a lot of leaves on my path from the Asian pear. I waited till all of them were on the ground and then I was going to put them into the wire enclosure I made last year. The old leaves there have almost disappeared. This didn’t take very long so I continued with the second part of my plan.


On my way from home to the allotment I walk through an alleyway beside the local primary school. It is always covered with a mix of different leaves. Each year I think that it would be a great addition to my leafmould pile but never do anything about it. Until this year. It took most of the morning and about six trips with a large sack full of leaves but I think it is well worth it.

I have got a lovely pile of leaves to compost and in a couple of years  I will have something to add to my raised beds in the greenhouses.



Today is November 21st and the parsnip harvest is in full flow. I have pulled out the rest of the carrots yesterday, just in time I think because they don’t tolerate the wet conditions so well but parsnips are altogether different.

We have had some super parsnips before but some of the ones I brought home today are among the best. They don’t look quite perfect but they are huge, and what is even better and more important, the taste is super.



Even though we are in November already there is still enough colour in the garden. I love these pale pinks blossoms. There is also one rose flowering, it certainly cheers everything up


Later today I went to the allotment, just wanted to get some carrots and parsnips. I took some photos there as well, I still have a rose flowering there. The Asian pear is dropping the leaves now and the colour is lovely.


I am a firm believer that working in the garden is beneficial for the whole person – body and mind. Anytime I feel down or just out of sorts I know I can get better by working either on the allotment or in my back garden. Today was the back garden’s turn.

Beside the fence between us and our friends in no. 6 is a line of different trees, all planted there as seedlings, found in different places. Some are conifers and in the far corner are two silver birches. I remember planting them there years ago, very soon after we moved here (in 1973). Some years ago we had them shortened and I thought that would be the end of the trees. Not so. They sprouted from the cut ends and within a few years they were as tall as before.

Yesterday was a very nice day so I started working. Managed to fill three wheelie bins, then bad light stopped my activity. Work resumed today, it was another nice day and my mood lifted as I worked. I am delighted with the result. Who needs tree surgeons when I can do it myself?


Again I had to do a bit of tidying up in the back garden – the large fig tree dropped all its leaves and the whole corner was looking a bit sad and unloved.

It just took one day – one morning and one afternoon session and all is much better. All the leaves are composted now, path is re-done, weeds pulled out as much as I could and this corner is ready for the overwintering.


My carrot harvest was, and still is, amazing. We had them raw, steamed and the latest is to add them to make a cake. I was used to make a lot of carrot cakes but somehow stopped recently. Not any more. I’m getting ready for another baking session. Went to the allotment in the morning, harvested loads of these orange beauties…..20201103_121036

……turned them into this20201103_144305

…and now I’m ready for the next carrot cake baking session.https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/yummy-scrummy-carrot-cake-recipe


I had a number of cucumber plants in each of my greenhouses. All but one finished producing fruit but one plant in the greenhouse on the allotment suddenly started growing and flowering. I made sure I kept just one fruit and it grew surprisingly well. Today was the day to cut it, as I want to clear out the beds in that greenhouse, put fresh compost there and be ready for next year.



Today’s weather forecast wasn’t very good but I was hoping against hope that I might manage a spell on the allotment. I went there soon after 9am and did quite a bit of work in the fruit cage. Yesterday I went to a garden centre and used a couple of the vouchers that I won in the Johnson sunflower competition – bought a white currant. I have got one bush but the flavour is so great I always wanted another one. And it was in a sale, all the better.

As I planted it yesterday I realised I had to weed the whole area – amazing how well the weeds grow! That was the job for today.

I managed to clear more than a half of the cage and then rain stopped play. The advantage of having a greenhouse (or two…) on the plot is I can stay there and continue working in the dry. Just the right time to clear the greenhouses, pull out the plants and refresh the soil. I did all that, put in there one huge 50l sack of composted farmyard manure….

…..and all is ready for next year. Now I just need a nice sunny day to finish the fruit cage and clear out the second greenhouse and I’ll be happy.