I was watching Monty Don on television last night in his usual gardening programme and one of the contributors was talking about harvesting produce from her allotment. She grew some lovely chillies and showed how she stores them. Not only does it look good but they will  dry at the same time. As it happens I grew some chillies too so I followed her example.

She was going to hang them in her kitchen but my kitchen is so small I can’t imagine hanging  them anywhere. Instead they are in the living room and look very decorative.

Monty also reminded us to sow sweat peas in readiness  for next year. When we went to visit Mike and Nicky a few weeks ago I collected quite a few seeds, they always grow beautiful sweet peas. I had everything I needed for this so so I’m ready for next year’s display.


2 thoughts on “15. OCTOBER

  1. You might find that if you dry them while you loose some to rot. I use a dehydrator now but previously I would cut large ones like that in half and leave them in the the driest airiest place in the house so not putting them in the kitchen is a good idea as they can get humid.


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