I am quite surprised how well the leeks germinated. A bit too well. Last year seeds just didn’t want to know – I did have some leeks but not a lot and carrots and parsnips were so poor that I had to re-seed them twice. 

I have finished planting my leeks today having started yesterday. I had a piece of land ready for them, I just had to run a hoe through it and then rake it fine.


Yesterday I planted 79 leeks and today I finished the job. We have a grand total of 111 leeks – I think we’ll manage to go through the winter with this.

I had room for one row beside the leeks so I planted my onions grown from seed. This is one of the few times that I was successful with them, in previous years nothing germinated. When it comes to seeds germinating this year they are all excellent so as a result I have got many more tomatoes, peppers and chillies because all the seeds came through. I’m sure I’ll manage to fill all my four greenhouses and also countless large pots…..

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