I had a change of scenery this weekend, we went to stay with Mike and Nicky in the Lakes. All my work on the allotment is up to date, so is the greenhouse in the back garden so I  could indulge and work in someone else’s place. I knew Mike wanted to upgrade the path in his front garden using the same slate chippings that we used on the other half of the garden a few years ago. Of course I was ready for this work, I had my wellies, gloves and gardening trousers with me. Fortunately the weather was kind to us. It wasn’t very warm but the sun was shining and as we got down to work it soon warmed us up. The chippings were delivered on Saturday morning and as a first thing we had to remove the old gravel and lining from the path. I did the removing and Mike was loading it in his wheelbarrow and taking it to his back garden where he had a large builders’ sack. In the end we filled it to the brim – but the path was ready.

I gave Mike a roll of lining material that was just enough for this path, we manged to get it down just before lunch. Afternoon was spent pinning it to the wooden side that was making an edge. The following morning it was all hands to the pump again, this time shovelling the slate chipping and spreading it on the new path. I thought we had more than enough but in the end he’ll have to get a few small sacks to top the path so that it is just perfect.

We are delighted with the result, the slate is exactly the same colour as the other side of the garden.

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