The great weather continues and that gives me a chance to get on with all the tasks on the allotment. Today was the turn of my large net cage, the soil was all dug over, all it needed was to fluff it up with a hoe and clear the weeds. It is quite a sizeable area, quite a lot to do. I had plans for it – peas of any kind – so I have climbing peas, Carlin (heritage) peas, purple podded peas and ordinary Kelvedon wonder peas. There is a square of soil left and I’d like to put some tomato plants in. Some years ago I did that and the tomatoes did very well.

That was the end of my morning session there. When I got home I had a very nice surprise waiting for me – a large box saying live plants, open immediately. Of course I did and found two very healthy looking honeyberries. I have heard of them but never had one. A very welcome present from Mike. I put both pots in a bucket of water to soak them and read the instructions. I decided to plant them in the fruit cage, it only needed a little re-shuffle – taking out three small chilean guavas and planting them together with the one I already have and the space was ready.

The three small guavas fitted perfectly in the space where the larger one is, it had too many empty patches before.

It is no surprise that my fruit trees are starting to flower. The Chinese pear is way ahead as usual, I just hope we’ll have some fruit this year. Last two years I didn’t have any yet a few years ago we had a glut of pears. They are delicious so I’m hoping to have them again.


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