,,,makes a delicious jam!

My pumpkin and squash harvest was very good and I also managed to keep a lot of them until now. They were carefully placed on folded cardboard in the garage and in the studio at the back of the house. Both places are not heated; I did this last year and it worked, so I continued this year.


Over the years I managed to collect a number of different books on preserving, bottling and other activities but my all time favourite is The Preserving Book. When in doubt or whenever I want to use an ingredient I’m not quite sure about I always reach for this book. Yesterday was exactly the case. I realised I had a rather a large number of little pumpkins left and as I don’t like wasting anything and I couldn’t see us eating all of the as baked or pureed or…. I reached for The Book!

The result is amazing! Even though the books says that the jam can be used with savoury foods, the opinion of my maim jam tester is to use it on fresh bread and butted or a toast – I agree. Mind you, it would go well with a tangy cheese too.

The possibilities are endless….


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