In a way I hope the weather gets better, the days longer and I will be able to work on the allotment. I have a very good reason for that wish – I’ve finished yet another blanket.

I was given a big bag of wool and so far I’ve managed to make, and raffle, a big blanket for the Cancer research and then I just continued to make lots of squares.


I like the crocheted grannie squares, they hold their shape better. From one ball of wool, via…


…130 of these, eventually I got…

..a large blanket, which I decided to line because it not only hides the ends but makes it warmer and cuddlier.

I still have a big bag of wool – it is like the magic porridge pot, it never seems to run out – so another blanket will start tonight.

Hey ho, it keeps me out of mischief!

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