…to all these goodies.

The courgettes are growing at a rate of knots! I went yesterday to pick some for my brother-in-law and for our evening salad, thought I got all the big ones but the reality was something else…

001I thought I’d better pick all the big ones and some small yellow ones and then the next question was – what to make?

No problem, I have got my favourite Courgette chutney recipe, I make it every year and it never lets me down.

006Even after making 5 large jars of this chutney I still had plenty left. I made my other favourite – a kind of stew. There is no recipe to follow, I just chop the courgettes, start with onion and garlic and some oil in a big pot, sweat it for a while, add all the courgettes and a carton of chopped tomatoes and some spice – it is always different because I change the spice mix. Bring to boil, turn down and simmer till the courgettes are soft, then eat one part and freeze the rest for later.

007I put it in 500g oblong dishes, fast freeze and take out of the dish, put in a plastic bag and put in the freezer.

My freezers are quite well organised, one has mainly frozen fruit, the other veg and the last one a mix of bought things and an overflow from the other freezers.

The result is that I don’t have to buy any frozen vegetables, it is all there from my allotment.

2 thoughts on “FROM THIS….

  1. Amazingly well organized!
    To the courgettes stew – which I prepar the same way, but with fresh pealed tomatoes – I sometimes put some eggs at the end to hold the dish together. Delicious.

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