Yesterday was a rather gloomy day and what is best to do on a day like this is – go down the allotment and see what is ready.

There was plenty – managed to pick a huge bag of beetroot, they are growing well this year, good sizes. It was all very wet and when I finally came home I was soaking wet. Of course I wanted to pick some raspberries – like walking into a shower.

After a proper shower at home I started preparing the beetroot for making chutney. I had so many I had to boil them in two big pots.

I have two recipes, my all time favourite Beetroot chutney by Nigella


and a new one with horseradish and white cabbage for a change.


One positive thing about this chutney is that I could use a couple of my cabbages and the horseradish grows with gay abandon in a corner of the communal plot. Nobody seems to want it, I grated a lot some time ago and froze it. I wasn’t sure if it would be strong enough when defrosted but all was well.

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