When I started cultivating the neglected plot I knew it was going to be a lot of hard work. It was!

I thought I would use my fork for this instead of a spade, there are just millions of bind weed roots in the ground and I didn’t want to make my work any harder by slicing them and encouraging them to grow even more. After only a short time I had a casualty on my hands – my fork snapped! Metal fatigue!

Fortunately my friend on the allotment had a spare fork so I was able to continue digging. Because it was exactly the same kind as I just managed to snap I thought I’d better get myself a new digging implement.

One part of my first prize was a cheque for £100 and I took a part of this windfall to get myself a new fork. Did a thorough research and finally decided to get a Wilkinson stainless steel one.

A great service, ordered a few days ago, the fork arrived today in the morning and I was able to test it. It slices through the soil like a knife through butter! Another good thing – it has a 10 year guarantee, so I’d better get digging and carry on like a fury to test this all-singing-all-dancing new fork.

Happy digging!

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