It was a lovely afternoon after a gloomy morning, I divided my day quite well. In the morning I went to my local B&Q to get some more soil/compost to fill the new beds in my two greenhouses. After all, today’s Wednesday and us oldies still get 10% off on garden things. Loaded the car with five 50l sacks of peat-free compost, drove to the allotment and put two of them by the new greenhouse and the other three by the other one. Enough hard graft for one morning so it was time to go home and get lunch. Fortunately the sun came out and sky was blue – a perfect afternoon for a spot of digging.


The greenhouse was an easy task, I just had to empty the two bags of soil and it is all ready for next year’s growing.

Next came a bit more serious work – digging over the ground in my new orchard. The new trees have settled well and the ground was full of squashes and courgettes. Those were harvested earlier and today was just right time to tidy it all up.


This is only a little square of land, it makes sense to add it to my extending area of growing. It was next to my latest acquisition – the greenhouse – and it was rather neglected. It took three days and about 10 wheelbarrow loads of bindweed roots to shift but now all is perfect.

From this – the other part was ever so easy compared to this little strip of land


to this


I’ve got plans for this plot – fruit trees and bushes.


When I started cultivating the neglected plot I knew it was going to be a lot of hard work. It was!

I thought I would use my fork for this instead of a spade, there are just millions of bind weed roots in the ground and I didn’t want to make my work any harder by slicing them and encouraging them to grow even more. After only a short time I had a casualty on my hands – my fork snapped! Metal fatigue!

Fortunately my friend on the allotment had a spare fork so I was able to continue digging. Because it was exactly the same kind as I just managed to snap I thought I’d better get myself a new digging implement.

One part of my first prize was a cheque for £100 and I took a part of this windfall to get myself a new fork. Did a thorough research and finally decided to get a Wilkinson stainless steel one.

A great service, ordered a few days ago, the fork arrived today in the morning and I was able to test it. It slices through the soil like a knife through butter! Another good thing – it has a 10 year guarantee, so I’d better get digging and carry on like a fury to test this all-singing-all-dancing new fork.

Happy digging!