I was quite surprised today that I managed to pick 1.5kg of strawberries! Considering the weather we’ve been having, it is a miracle. I checked my last year notes and I’m 2 weeks late with the harvest.

It was well worth the effort with the bale of straw, I think the pigeons were getting some ideas that there would be a feast – obviously the old CDs on strings all over the beds of strawberries didn’t frighten them at all, so nets came out, same as last year.

Talk about a carbon footprint or food miles – minimal in my case!

They are so tasty, full of flavour. we had some tonight with my home-made yoghurt and I made 8 jars of jam. I found that the best jam is made using Certo, every bottle has a recipe on the label and the jam is made within a short time – none of the boiling the fruit to death! This way the colour is great, good set and the taste is second to none.

This is the first batch of many – just as well I have got a loft full of jam jars!

Onwards and upwards.

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