I am making most of this reasonable weather, that’s why I went to the allotment straight after breakfast. I don’t have much left to do there so I started with lifting the rest of my parsnips. 

They did very well this year and this little harvest will feed us a few times.

This is my best parsnip yet, nice and straight and no blemishes despite being in the ground until now.20230128_131543

Hopefully the weather will stay like today and I will be able to continue working tomorrow. I managed to finish clearing the strawberry beds, the weeds again did very well,  but now all is ready for the new season.

2 thoughts on “28. JANUARY

    • Thanks for your comment, great to hear from you again. We love our parsnips, I grow them every year. They are very useful to have as they can stay in the ground during the whole winter, I just pull them out as I need them What is not there to like!

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