The morning didn’t look very bright, the sky was grey and everything looked a bit dull. But  as the day continued, it all of a sudden warmed up, the sun came out and we had blue skies and a spring-like day. I wasn’t quite sure what job I was going to tackle on the allotment but Mike mentioned yesterday that he worked on his compost. He has got a different set up to me but this gave me an idea. I haven’t emptied my composter bins for some time and today was going to be the day to do it.


There are five of these black bins here and I put all my kitchen waste there in rotation. It is amazing how quickly all the material goes down. I try to leave them for at least a year, that gives the worms plenty of time to do their job. This time it was just four of these bins and I’m delighted with the result. I always keep all my empty bags from compost and reuse them time after time. Just as well, I managed to fill all of them – eight sacks in all. This will be perfect for my latest long greenhouse, I will build up the beds inside with it.


It is amazing that the worms manage to turn a load of scraps into something so good.


The day was so nice I decided to carry on working and as the soil was quite dry I started digging my last plot, the one where my new long greenhouse is placed.


I could have carried on for some time but thought better of it, I need to conserve my energy for tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be dry. I don’t mind a dull day, as long as it is dry and I can continue working.

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