25. MAY

The plan for today was just to go to the allotment to see how the transplanted squashes and courgettes were doing and perhaps just water everything in the greenhouses. With four of these it takes a while but as I did it rather well the other day it didn’t take too long. I wanted to see how the tomatoes are doing and I was very pleasantly surprised that I have a couple of little green ones.


Not only that, the strawberries are better than ever this year, not sure what I did but it certainly suited them. We’ve already had some over the last few days and they are very sweet and juicy

On my return home I had a very pleasant surprise, a parcel from the Wormcity people. My friend Jill gave me a wormery that she wasn’t going to use and said that the worms have died . I was pleased to get this, it was easy enough to find it online and order some more, also another tier for the whole structure. It didn’t take long to put it all together and now I have a very nice looking wormery.

There ate specific instructions on how to get going, how to set it all up so now I hope the worms are happy under their layer of shredded paper with a handful of their special food. Time will tell how they are getting on.


2 thoughts on “25. MAY

    • This is my second wormery, the first one works differently from the new one. In my first one I collect the liquid via a tap in the large container whereas this one should give me some compost. It’ll be interesting

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