I am a firm believer that working in the garden is beneficial for the whole person – body and mind. Anytime I feel down or just out of sorts I know I can get better by working either on the allotment or in my back garden. Today was the back garden’s turn.

Beside the fence between us and our friends in no. 6 is a line of different trees, all planted there as seedlings, found in different places. Some are conifers and in the far corner are two silver birches. I remember planting them there years ago, very soon after we moved here (in 1973). Some years ago we had them shortened and I thought that would be the end of the trees. Not so. They sprouted from the cut ends and within a few years they were as tall as before.

Yesterday was a very nice day so I started working. Managed to fill three wheelie bins, then bad light stopped my activity. Work resumed today, it was another nice day and my mood lifted as I worked. I am delighted with the result. Who needs tree surgeons when I can do it myself?

One thought on “MORE THERAPY

  1. GREAT JOB! I have a lot of tree work to do as well but getting in the mood seems to be a problem. I have plenty of excuses I choose to call good reasons. Be careful on the ladder!!! I am sure you have been told that before, but I just thought I would do it again. Thanks for sharing your progress. It kind of helps me want to get in the mood. Take care!

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