23. MAY

The moving of tomatoes and other pots continues. The greenhouse in the back garden is organised, the pots that are there will stay, it is just about enough that can fit comfortably, the light can get to all of them. I had to put some netting inside and attached it to the roof, it was getting too hot, the sun was scorching the leaves.

I have a few pots on the patio in the garden, these are cherry tomatoes, Dave had too many so I took some.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-23 at 16.04.48

The rest of the tomatoes have gone to the allotments and because the greenhouses there are full I planted them in the large net cage where I have brassicas. I had tomatoes there in the past, they do well.

After watering in the greenhouses I had a look at the strawberries and found our first ripe one. Let us hope for a good harvest.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-23 at 16.04.46


The weather forecast was quite accurate last night – rain. It did rain, it was the kind of rain I quite like, gentle. I needed that on the allotment, our soil drains very well and we had a few dry and windy days.

I was working in the big greenhouse in the garden today. I have had this greenhouse for a fair number of years and I think this year it is just about the best – everything is neat and labelled. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-21 at 17.50.39


As the weather is so unpredictable and I don’t want to plant my onion sets too early when the ground is cold and wet I thought I’ll start them in trays and when I’m quite sure they would be fine I’ll plant them out. By then they should have developed nice roots. 

First of all I thought my tomatoes didn’t germinate so I sowed some more and now I have got enough to plant up a small farm. I don’t mind I have so many, I know they can stay outside and produce good tomatoes – I have got a sheltered position all ready for them. Some of the more delicate will have to be in the greenhouses, same as the peppers and aubergines.

The rest of the seedlings are squashes, courgettes, a few pumpkins – one or two are the ghost ones, it’ll be interesting to see them among the others. I have both green peas and carlin peas – these will have to go inside the large net cage otherwise the pigeons would strip them.

Of course I have to allow some space for beans – no idea how I’ll manage that. Maybe this year I’ll wait till the weather is really mild and sow them directly where I want them to grow. Sweetcorn is another thing, I will  have to start it in the greenhouse but by then I’m hoping some of the pumpkins or courgettes might have moved out.

I have also started some nasturtiums inside, I’d like a good mix of colours on the allotment and also in the back garden. I’ll save my seeds for next year.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-21 at 17.50.32


My back garden is a nice mix of little areas. I have got a pond, a large greenhouse and quite a lot of flowers. It doesn’t need much work, just weeding occasionally and the rest of the year it looks after itself.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-06 at 16.09.03

This evergreen clematis is always looking great, never disappoints.

Slightly smaller is the magnolia. It was getting rather large and gangly so I pruned it last year. I thought I was a bit too severe but it looks great and has a great number of buds.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-06 at 16.08.53

Some smaller bushes are doing well too…

Last but not least are the smaller flowers either in pots or in the ground. Thanks to a rather cooler spring the flowers last a bit longer


Today was the first day where the temperature was above zero. I had the opportunity to clean the fountain in the pond and finish organising the greenhouse. Earlier today I went to B&Q and bought a couple of large trays and that finished my new set up. All is ready to start seed sowing, can’t wait. I think I’ve got enough to fill my allotment many times over but I’ll be trying some new varieties. 

I always wash all my pots as I finish with them so it was very easy to get it all ready. During the clean up operation I also sorted out my little plastic greenhouse behind my large one, this one is just used to store pots and bags of compost, it is rather dark to grow anything there.


I hope the mild weather will stay, it’ll make the wait for planting times a bit more bearable.


The weather is still very mild and I was lucky enough to have another helper in my garden. This time it was Mike who came on Friday and left today after lunch. We worked most of the day yesterday, cutting down, digging out unwanted trees – a lopsided pine that was obscuring my two lovely yews.


They have got all the space they need now. After that we changed the arrangement with the strings with CDs over the pond, they’re supposed to scare the heron from fishing there. And last but not least Mike fixed my little bird bath cum drinking fountain on the fence so I’m very hopeful the birds will appreciate it.



DECEMBER 31st 2021

I am quite glad to see this year out. I’m hoping the next one is going to be an improvement on the last one but I’m not very sure. But I’m positive, as long my health is ok and I can walk to the allotment, do my daily Guardian crossword and have my best mate – Frank – by my side, I’m happy.

Today was another spring day, I don’t even think it is December, just enjoy the moment. Of course I went to the allotment, harvested some chard and cleared some ivy from the shed – amazing how quickly it grows! I took my eye off it and there it was, half way around the door. The winter honeysuckle that I transplanted from my Mum’s garden after she died is doing very well, it flowers and the scent is fantastic.

The back garden is finished as well, put down another bag of the compost so it looks much better and it’ll get the feed it needed. The pond needed a new fountain and a general clean and that is done as well. It looks like a brand new pond.


Even though we are in November already there is still enough colour in the garden. I love these pale pinks blossoms. There is also one rose flowering, it certainly cheers everything up


Later today I went to the allotment, just wanted to get some carrots and parsnips. I took some photos there as well, I still have a rose flowering there. The Asian pear is dropping the leaves now and the colour is lovely.


I am a firm believer that working in the garden is beneficial for the whole person – body and mind. Anytime I feel down or just out of sorts I know I can get better by working either on the allotment or in my back garden. Today was the back garden’s turn.

Beside the fence between us and our friends in no. 6 is a line of different trees, all planted there as seedlings, found in different places. Some are conifers and in the far corner are two silver birches. I remember planting them there years ago, very soon after we moved here (in 1973). Some years ago we had them shortened and I thought that would be the end of the trees. Not so. They sprouted from the cut ends and within a few years they were as tall as before.

Yesterday was a very nice day so I started working. Managed to fill three wheelie bins, then bad light stopped my activity. Work resumed today, it was another nice day and my mood lifted as I worked. I am delighted with the result. Who needs tree surgeons when I can do it myself?


Today was the turn of the back garden to be sorted out. I have not paid too much attention to it during last year – I was concentrating on the allotment as I wanted to do well in the competition. There was no competition this year so after harvesting as much as I could on the allotment I turned to do some work in the back garden.

This was three days ago.

After serious cutting down and filling up four wheelie bins we have this: