I am quite sure that digging is good for me, I have mentioned it here a number of times.

Even though all my plots are done, not a weed in sight (perish the thought!!) I needed to do a bit more. This time of year is not the easiest – my Dad’s anniversary is coming in a couple of days and we’ve had quite a bit of sorting out with my Mum and our friend Vera so digging was going to be the answer.

I have had a polytunnel on one of my plots for a number of years and the plastic cover is turning much darker green and also a number of holes and splits have appeared.

Rather than to buy a new plastic cover I decided to get rid of the old cover, dig the ground, expose it to the elements over the winter and in the spring fix netting on the frame thus creating another net tunnel.

The old plastic was easy to take off, I even cut it up so I can use the long pieces in case I need to cover the ground when not working on it (you never know, it might come handy for something….)

Result! As I left after nearly three hours of work all is done as I wanted. I could just about walk home – the body was aching but the mind was cleared and I’m happy!

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