The only thing to do during the winter months is to sort out the seeds. I know there are other jobs around the house etc but I’m leaving that to my ‘man who does….’

I was fortunate to receive some Sutton seeds vouchers and as I had all my usual seeds already I decided to treat myself to some different ones. My motto – try some thing new every year – foremost in my mind, I ordered three unusual varieties.

When I first started gardening on my allotment I grew anything and everything, even though things like onions are ever so cheap in the shops and in order to have enough I would have had to have a field of them.

I follow James Wong‘s advice instead – grow something you find difficult to buy in the shop – and also have my own one – try something new every year. If it grows well and we like to eat it, I’ll have it again next year. If not, I didn’t lose anything much and will try something else next year.

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