I had a weekend away but that didn’t mean there was no gardening to do – quite the opposite !

The weather wasn’t ideal but myself and Mike managed to get quite a lot done. To make sure we would remember how much we did I took a number of photos before and after – and Mike took a few of me while working, perhaps to show that I actually did some work. Well, one pair of gardening gloves is no more and my fancy new boots are caked in Cumbrian mud.

Just to show what we did, there are some photos before

….and after

The job was quite simple – clear out the nettles, find the gooseberry and the raspberry canes, dig the ground and replant the above mentioned. The hardest job was digging out the nettle roots – they were amazing, a huge tangle and in some places almost impossible to get into. But all is done now, there is only a small part of the very long border to clear and then, of course, keep it weed-free. I’ll be monitoring it!

And just to show that I actually did some work there …..


We both worked the whole day on Friday and Saturday but Sunday – the rain stopped play after lunch. I think it might have needed a wet suit, the rain was something else and the ground turned into quagmire.

Ah well, better luck next time…..


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