My new plot produced a great harvest of potatoes and squashes. I didn’t manage to dig it all though, it was in too much of a state. I started from both ends, on one part where I grew the squashes I covered strips of the ground with sheets of plastic and when the plants grew it couldn’t be seen anyway. One part in the middle got just roughly turned over – Frank was a great help there – and all was good.

I started again yesterday. Because it was the part where I grew the potatoes it was quite an easy job


and this is the result of my labour.

Today was another story. This part is the start of the roughly dug over piece and I could certainly feel it because I managed only a small piece of it


the dark soil is the only bit I did today. But I have high hopes for the land, the nettles and all the weeds grew very well!


And this is the rest of the challenge. Never mind, I’ve got the rest of the year and a bit more, I’ll grow potatoes there and I’m sure they’ll do well.

Only time will tell…..

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