Coventry University has enlarged its hold on the city by building and redeveloping the area close to the cathedral. Nothing wrong with that, my only worry was that it’ll reduce the amount of trees and any other green spaces there. No need to worry. I was pleasantly surprised that they have created a large number of raised beds and even some ‘bug hotels’. The produce they grow is meant free for anybody who would be brave to help themselves. http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/local-news/coventry-universitys-edible-campus-scheme-3012980

I was impressed when I walked through the new part – raised beds with beans, peas, soft fruit, herbs, even a bed of strawberries. All carefully tended and protected where necessary.

This is not the only place I’m aware of. Some years ago while visiting London I was taken to have a look at a small oasis in the middle of office buildings and blocks of flats.

This shows that it can be done – where there’s the will there’s the way. We’re all beginning to realise that growing fruit and veg without the ‘help’ of pesticides and insecticides is the way forward.

The allotments are a small part of that and long may we continue.

Happy gardening!

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