After a very busy day on the allotment yesterday, earthing up about 10 long rows of potatoes even I had to admit that a day away is not a bad idea.

The forecast for today was excellent and the visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park was planned so finally we were on our way.

It is not the closest place to visit but perfectly possible in a day. I love driving, it doesn’t stress me out (honestly!) and Frank is very good, we have a chat or he reads interesting articles from the paper.

It has been ages since we last went to YSP and a number of things have changed, for the better I think.

Some of these changes I knew about thanks to Liz Ackerley when she posted her drawings on Twitter.

001I knew what to look for and the building is really very nice.

The main reason for the visit was the exhibition in the Chapel in the grounds of YSP of two siblings from Venice – glass, of course.


In front of the chapel is a huge tree by Ai Weiwei, from a distance it looks like a real tree but it is made of metal. I’m sure it looks great in any light but on a sunny day with blue sky behind it was stunning.

You can’t go to YSP and not notice the huge sculptures by Henry Moore. They seem to be part of the landscape and from whichever side you look at them there is always something new to see.

I enjoyed everything but the best was provided by nature, some of it helped by a human hand. This tree is a perfect example of nature being the best artist – we just have to look!

It goes without saying that I was looking for something I was familiar with and I found it. It gives the impression of a walled garden but it is only a part of it, even though it has some lovely pear and apple trees trained against it. That is my dream – to have a walled garden, some fruit trees, an area for chickens, a big greenhouse….a girl can dream, surely!049

And last but surely not least is the most important inhabitant of YSP.


All in all, we had a great day out and I’m quite refreshed to carry on digging!

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