After planting the first early potatoes a while ago I put in the second early ones, eight rows in all. All that’s left now are some main crop spuds – Red rooster, they can wait a while. 005Nothing much to see as yet but with this warm weather I have great hopes. Next was planting my baby beetroot. I didn’t know that they can be grown in cells and then transplanted into the open ground – makes sense, seeing that when I thin them out I don’t throw the seedlings out but plant them and they grow! I decided to put them in a well worked and rich soil in one of my early raised bed, just one row – beetroot Chioggia – never grew this one yet, will be interesting, should have white and red circles when sliced raw. They might disappear when cooked – we’ll see. 010My four raised beds are more than just beds. They’re quite deep and I didn’t fill them in to the top – the result is a sheltered area, like a mini-micro climate! One of the boxes had a structure with a net over it with brassicas last year, so it was either grow something else there this year or move the structure over another box and grow the brassicas in that. That’s what I did, it was surprisingly easy and my kohl rabis are doing just great. They are protected by the net against the pigeons and sheltered against the wind by hiding deeper in the box. They’re doing just fine.

Today was the first time I did the lawn in Mum’s garden – used quite a bit of the grass as a mulch in the borders and around the fig trees – they have baby figs!! – must put up some bird scarers next time I go there.

Fruit trees are in flower and I just hope the bees are still in the hive, that would help with pollination. The chinese pear is doing very well and even the little rescued conference pear is in blossom.

The rest of the grass I took to the allotment and spread it on the raspberry bed, need four more for the other beds – next time. Everything is doing great on the allotment, rhubarb growing in front of my eyes, already had some, very tasty indeed!


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