Today was the first day of the Edible Garden Show and also the spring equinox and the eclipse. Not sure what should be more important, the show was the first thing on my mind.

Same as last year, I drove down to Alexandra Palace with my brother-in-law Chris – both very keen gardeners. We both agreed that it was a pity it moved from Stoneleigh to London but we treated it as a nice day out.

We arrived in the car park a few minutes after 11am but the queues were huge, we had high hopes. And those hopes were somewhat dashed!

You could count the seed companies and plant stalls on the fingers of both hands, no more.

Why would I want to go to a show that calls itself Edible and Garden where there are stalls selling anything from sausage rolls, to cheese and gin and finishing with jewelry? What has that to do with gardening?

We shall rethink our strategy for next year and find something else to satisfy our gardening needs.

This show has just lost two keen gardeners.

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