I had to return my trophy that I won last year in the allotment competition -I came in second place. I went to another allotment site to do that – Lakeview allotments and my friend Stevie went with me. We were quite keen to see other plots on a large site. It was very interesting and we both thought that our site, even though it is very small, compared well.

I wanted to do some  work on the allotment today so after lunch I went and trimmed one path, the next one I will do after I have charged it. It is amazing how much a simple thing like a neat path improves the look of the place.

I had an idea how to finish the front of the new greenhouse so I got down to it. It was quite a lot of work but the result is great, I’m very happy with it.

I will plant some flowers in these pots and scatter seeds of annual flowers all around them, making it very bee friendly.

We have got a number of beehives on our site, they are Wayne’s and I was watching them after I finished my work. He came to talk to them, he said he does it every day. They came in laden with pollen, some were covered with it all over.

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