I would like to think spring is here. Today was a wonderful day so I made most of it. In the morning there was some work in the back garden. It is quite amazing when I look a bit closer I see all the plants I don’t want where they are – buttercups etc. I managed to clear all that, then I planted the first few sprouted potatoes in a little raised bed beside the greenhouse. If that works we should have some nice early potatoes. These were nothing special, some of my own that sprouted.

In the afternoon it was more work on the allotment. I decided to get some land ready to sow parsnips so I refreshed a part of one patch. The soil is lovely, really crumbly.

There were not too many weeds here so it didn’t take too long. I’ll finish it next time I go there and start sowing parsnips. I thought it a good idea to wait a bit, the seasons have changed anyway and the plants will catch up.

All the fruit trees are doing fine. I have just one large tree – the Asian pear, the others are either medium sized or dwarf so it is a very nice mix. They are all starting to flower and I have high hopes for a  good harvest.

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