I have been very busy in the last few days but haven’t got very much to show for it. My new greenhouse on the allotment is almost finished, my friend Wayne is just waiting to get some more glass and then I can wash the glass and install my grow boxes. That’s what has been my main activity in the last few days. I have decided to move the grow boxes from the greenhouse in the garden to the new one on the allotment. After all, I have got two perfect benches there. I had to empty them first – I forgot how  much soil each box contained. I moved all four of them and altogether I had 14 sacks of soil. A few trips with the wheelbarrow and the job was done. 

Then came the task of washing the garden greenhouse. I didn’t do it quite well in the last few years, the boxes were in the way. But all is done now, looking as good as new.

Also during the last week I have found yet another seed company and as far as I can judge they are exactly what I wanted. The Real seed company even had the large white beans I have been looking for. I grew them years ago, always saving some to grow next year but one year I forgot to save some and couldn’t find them anywhere. This time I’ll be  much more careful. Also some different tomatoes, I’m going to grow quite a few as I have the extra greenhouse space.



They are very tasty and produce a lot of large white beans.

I have high hopes for the cucumbers too and the other runner beans. Of course I will try to save my own seeds from all these.

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