I must’ve misremembered the weather forecast for today – I was ready to go to the allotment to carry on weeding. It wasn’t to be, it has been raining since early morning and I think we had rain during the night too. Plan B had to be used. When in doubt, do some cooking. I was going to prepare today’s lunch anyway so I just continued in the kitchen getting tomorrow’s lunch done. Today’s meal was a simple affair – pasta with homemade sauce and veggie sausages.  The sauce was oven roasted tomatoes, peppers and courgettes. Very tasty and quick.

The plan for tomorrow was a dish using one of my squashes I grew on the allotment. I  like BBC Good food so I chose one of their recipes. It is a slow cooker recipe, even better as I can cook it overnight.

The recipe asks for a butternut squash but as I didn’t grow them I have used a substitute – Moschata muscade

They grew well and I have saved some seeds to  make sure I’ll have them next year. The rest of the ingredients was my own as well, roasted tomatoes and peppers instead of a tin of chopped tomatoes and homemade pesto.

Of course anything made at home from scratch always takes a while – peeling, chopping and so on but the result is infinitely better. My slow cooker was just big enough for it and we shall have at least two servings each from it. I’m going to make the dumplings for the first day and we can have it with some bread the next time. Of course the bread will be homemade too.


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