The weather isn’t quite sure what to do, I think. Yesterday was just gloomy and wet, it managed to rain the whole day. All the same, I went to the allotment because I was planning to wash the inside of my greenhouses. As I have got four of them now, I had to make a start. The oldest of them was very much in need of some care. I took the rest of the bubble plastic our and washed the glass, as well as I could. This is a great activity to plan what to do next – no need to think during this task.

Last year one of the people living in a house a few doors away from our front gate was moving house and wanted to change his windows. He left the old double glazed units to be disposed of so I did the disposing. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to use them for but I was sure they would come very handy. They did indeed.

After the greenhouse was clean I selected some of the units and placed them where I could fit them best, making the greenhouse a bit more draught proof.


The rest of the smaller pieces I put in my latest plastic greenhouse, all around the inside – they will stop the soil falling too close to the walls and also will give extra warmth.

I have just one large double glazed unit left, I’ll measure it and perhaps I’ll be able to use it as a lid for one square strawberry bed, to warm it up. I would make a prop for it to keep to slightly open so it doesn’t get too hot. It would make a nice cold frame and perhaps we could have some early strawberries.

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