A package with some mason bees cocoons arrived yesterday in the post – a red-letter day for me.

I took them to the allotment in the morning and installed them in their little home and now just have to wait. I shall have to go there in the morning, take them out (I had to put them inside the shed overnight) and put them back in their little house. Each evening they’ll go back inside and in the morning out….a nice little routine, just like having chickens perhaps…

Watch this space!


2 thoughts on “A GREAT DAY

  1. Hi Helena,
    Do you remember me? It is exactly two years now that we left Coventry. I regularly read your post – I miss my allotment. But now I’m very much interested in your mason bees project. Would you please write more about their life there? Where is their house? They don’t make honey, do they?
    Your blog is amazing, keep on writing!


    • Thank you very much Eva! Of course I remember you, both myself and Frank – he sends his regards. Yes, the mason bees don’t make honey but they are great pollinators. Mine are still at the cocoon stage, I hope they’ll hatch soon. It is still cold here though, I have to be patient. I’m glad you like the blog. Take care and keep happy.


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