I think I am catching up with myself. It takes some effort, especially yesterday (Saturday) and today. Friday was a good working day too and after all this effort I am almost done. Yesterday I managed to finish one half of a plot I share with my friend, she did too. On my half I have more raspberries, two rows of potatoes and the rest is ready with structures for growing climbing beans. It was very successful last year, I have only just finished the last of the dried beans.


This is my more unusual find – marbles. Last year I found at least a dozen and thought that I would get no more. These were in the same area as last year. No idea how they got there but I like them.

Today I completed another net cage – it was a sorry-looking greenhouse without glass that Simon gave me last year. We placed it between my fruit cage and the large brassica cage – a perfect fit. It took an hour to do it – I have got a tried and tested method. More covered ground to grow things that our greedy pigeons would love to eat.


I also finished sowing some more carrots, parsnips and beetroot, so this plot is finished too. All that is left is one half where I will grow my courgettes and pumpkins.

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