APRIL 2017

Everything in the garden is doing well. Thanks to my brother-in-law Chris I have the nicest tulips in the front and back garden – a mix of colours and types. A lot of them are in pots and the challenge next year will be to find somewhere in the ground to plant. We’ll see….

2 thoughts on “APRIL 2017

  1. What a flower show!! Like Chelsea in Cov!!
    When I visit Bloms Bulbs ( some of the best tulips) at Chelsea every year the man at the stall always says you should lift all your tulips every year and I tell him that life is too short!! However it is not wise to leave them in pots for a second year. I have left some in this year and they are not doing very well. Need to go out in the ground. Dead head when finished. Put them in corner or shed and let them die down (do not cut them back!) so that goodness goes back in bulb. Then lift and keep somewhere cold and dry and plant out in garden in October/ November.


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