It has been a custom in the last four years or so that every spring I go with Chris (Frank’s youngest brother) somewhere where the two of us can dream about the garden we’d like to have.

It was used to be the Edible Garden Show but this year the organisers didn’t feel ready to stage it again (or didn’t get sponsors etc)

Never mind – after some research I found just the place. Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire has got everything a gardener would like – especially if you like rhubarb! It is supposed to be the second biggest rhubarb collection in the world (and yes, we’re trying to find out where the biggest collection in the world is)

I noted down some names of the rhubarb I liked and in the end I bought 3 plants. I have to keep reminding myself that these crowns will spread in time and that I’ll be able to split them too.

Planting time tomorrow!

They also had a huge collection of old garden tools – quite a lot of the modern ones are very similar, just lighter I think – the gardeners had to be tough just to lift the old rake or a spade….

I’m forcing my rhubarb by using large buckets but the Victorian gardeners had very smart terracotta bell jars to do that.

Ah well, I can dream….

4 thoughts on “A DAY OUT

  1. Excellent day at Clumber Park, Helen. Also very fine collection of apple trees.
    I have discovered that the largest collection of Rhubarb in the world is actually at the White House. Unfortunately it is Fake Rhubarb. 🙂
    Seriously I can’t locate the largest collection but I came across a piece by one of the Clumber Park gardeners saying that they would love to come across a Russian rhubarb called Tobolsk which seems to have disappeared. It tasted of plums and had coral pink stems. Anyone got any plum flavoured rhubarb? if so contact Clumber Park!
    Cheers all
    NB If you had a National Collection what would it be? Mine would be Oriental Poppies.

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