I think most people know rhubarb crumble or stewed rhubarb – it could be thought of as a bit boring or basic. Not so. I have found a great recipe, Jamie Oliver’s one and changed it a bit. The main idea was the addition of orange zest. I didn’t just use the juice of the orange, I peeled it and got rid off the white pith as much as I could and cut the segments into smaller pieces, added them to the mix. Also, I didn’t use any of the water he says but mixed the pieces of rhubarb with the sugar and oranges and left it for a few hours. Excellent result, I had lots of juice in the bowl. As I don’t like ginger too much I didn’t use that either and I think it didn’t matter much.

The first time I cooked it slowly and we had it with yoghurt and also with cream the second  time.

The next step was to try and preserve it for later – bottling came to the rescue. I packed it in Kilner jars, juice and all – double the recipe and I got four jars. Put them in a water bath, brought to boil and let it bubble gently for 10 minutes, left it stand there for another five (give or take a few) and carefully lifted out.

Eight out of eight isn’t bad!

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