The days are getting longer but not really warmer; never mind, I can amuse myself in the greenhouse.

I have decided that it is just about time to continue with my sowing activities. I had a number of the new egg-shell halves in their boxes – it’ll be interesting to see how the seeds will grow. The greenhouse isn’t heated but it was pleasant enough to work there in the early afternoon.

Less is more – I didn’t always follow this motto but I made a new start this year and will stick to it.

So far I have a few of the following:

Kohl Rabi Modrava F1 – I like kohl rabi, it is getting more known here now but back in my home country it is quite common.

Sweet pepper Corno Rosso and Long red Marconi,  Chilli pepper Cayenne

Two kinds of tomato – the outdoor variety San Marzano and Roma VF – I’ve never grown these so it’ll be very interesting to see how they do. They’ll be outside on the allotment but in a net cage – this’ll offer a bit of protection as I found last year with my Tomatillo.

Tomato Tigrella – will have a few of them on the allotment and a few in the greenhouse in the back garden, it’ll be interesting to compare.

Aubergine Black Beauty – I’m determined to grow them, so far I had no luck!

Cucumber Marketmore 76 – same plan here – some outside and one or two in the polytunnel.

Also some flower seeds went in – Rudbeckia Chocolate Orange, sweet pea Tall Spencer and a blue Delphinium.

Not only this but I started chitting some Charlotte potatoes for my granddaughter Eve to grow in bags, her first effort – may it be the first of many. Great to find a kindred spirit.


One thought on “PREPARATION TIME

  1. May your seeds grow well! So glad Eve is getting involved. Good to hear that you’ve planted sweet peas – they’re my absolute favourite! And blue delphiniums make a spectacular show. Spring will be here before you know it…


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