My first thought when I started gardening on my allotment was – where do I keep all my ‘stuff’?

It was easy in the first few weeks, all I had was a spade, a fork and a soft bucket to carry the weeds (mountains of them) to the compost heap. As time went by and the plot started to look like a place where something might actually grow, I needed more tools and also somewhere to keep a canvass chair and other bits and pieces.

Fortunately for me, at that time we had a guy there who could make no end of things out of pallets. Sheds were his speciality.

All I had to do was to clear the end of my plot, level it and let him get on with it.

I went away during this time, there was nothing much growing yet and when I came back a week later, there it was:


All I had to do was to treat the wood with a standard fence paint, put a net curtain in the window (a very good reason for a fancy net curtain – our site doesn’t have a toilet!) and plant a rambling rose ‘Cecile Brunner‘ and honeysuckle.

There isn’t much space inside my shed but it is big enough to store everything I need to work on the allotment. I’ve got a few shelves on the walls to keep bottles and boxes and a number of hooks to hang all my tools.

Because it is at the very end of my plot and also at the edge of our site – the fence is right behind the shed hidden by brambles – I have a great view of not only my plot but also of most of the site.

There isn’t a better view I could wish for when I’m having a coffee break, sitting on my little veranda.

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