…and everything looks much greener. I didn’t mind the rain today at all, the ground was so dry and hard it will take e few rainy days to penetrate a bit further down.

These courgette plants are doing very well, they’re just a small sample of the different varieties I have got there. The round one can grow to alarming sizes – last year one of them managed to get to 7 kg! It climbs so I’ll be able to see them well as they get bigger. I saved some seeds from my last year’s giant so these could do just as well.

There are not only courgettes climbing up the structures but also some climbing beans, alas, the blue ones lose their colour after cooking .


I always try to grow something new and unusual every year. If it doesn’t work or we don’t like the taste – that one will bite the dust and I’ll try something else next year. This year was the turn of a new pumpkin – zucca da marmellata. I was amazed how well the plant grew and I also made it climb, it managed very well. This one will come back next year; I’d like to save my own seeds too.

Another ‘first’ is the sweetcorn. I had a go in the past but it either didn’t grow well at all or the squirrels ate it. This time I put a net all around it, also over it so nothing could get there. And it was worth it!


So altogether ‘ a good day in the office’.


The only thing to do during the winter months is to sort out the seeds. I know there are other jobs around the house etc but I’m leaving that to my ‘man who does….’

I was fortunate to receive some Sutton seeds vouchers and as I had all my usual seeds already I decided to treat myself to some different ones. My motto – try some thing new every year – foremost in my mind, I ordered three unusual varieties.

When I first started gardening on my allotment I grew anything and everything, even though things like onions are ever so cheap in the shops and in order to have enough I would have had to have a field of them.

I follow James Wong‘s advice instead – grow something you find difficult to buy in the shop – and also have my own one – try something new every year. If it grows well and we like to eat it, I’ll have it again next year. If not, I didn’t lose anything much and will try something else next year.