The plan for today was to do more weeding in two of my net cages where I planted the blackcurrants. First of all I had to follow the usual routine – open all my greenhouses and then start working. I had a very pleasant surprise in one of them – my very first red tomato.

The cucumber and radishes were in another greenhouse but I had to pick them to add to our evening green salad. I still  have some lettuce in the greenhouse, one is more than enough for the two of us.


My plan for tomorrow’s lunch is new potatoes, broccoli and oven baked fish. The potatoes are very tasty and they were nothing special,  just what we had left from last year’s harvest.

I will certainly grow the broccoli again next year, this is the third picking – the little rosettes grow quite fast and soon are ready to harvest.

Of course there were more raspberries, I only picked this one box. I haven’t got any sugar to  make jam, this will  be just for us two to have as a desert.


I am amazed how many raspberries I have this year, I’m sure this is thanks to the bees we have on the allotment now, thanks to Mary and Wayne.


Well, the weather isn’t too great but everything in the garden – or rather on the plot – is growing fine.

It was rather chaotic in the greenhouse and in the veranda at the back of the house – an organised chaos I must add. The veranda was used for hardening off all the plants before I took them to the farm to plant out and this method worked! Everything on the farm survived the move and is growing well.

Cabbages in the net tunnels, tomatoes, lettuce, Chinese lettuce, climbing beans are all fine. And then there are the hardy types who survived the winter out there – onions, shallots, garlic, strawberries, rhubarb and last but not least the potatoes and raddishes who are trying their best.

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I think spring is here – I hope it is, the dates are telling me but what do I know? I’m sure our climate is changing.

Anyway, I managed to prepare the ground yesterday for planting my first lot of potatoes – Kestrel, so today I went to the allotment with my 20 chitted spuds and a tape measure – this year I will do things by the rules. The book says 18 inches between rows of first earlies so 18 inches it is! It worked just right, I’ve got two rows of potatoes in the ground.


This done, sowing beetroot, carrots and different radishes was next.


The ground was not at all too wet, just right so I have high hopes for a decent harvest.

Onwards and upwards.


At last the time came and I can start, very slowly, thinking of sowing some seeds.

The first are radishes ‘Scarlet globe’. I don’t want to grow them outside yet, it is far too early, so I put a couple of rows in one of the beds in the greenhouse.


The next were some shallots. I decided on ‘Zebrune’, an unusual long shallot, very tasty and easy to slice. Those I put in two different containers, one being the latest development, my egg-shell planters. These I will keep on the kitchen windowsill and gradually transplant into bigger and bigger pots and finally plant them out on the allotment.


This time I can take it easy but soon everything will be going at a fair pace. Bring it on!