This is the final look, for now at least. I have managed to move some seed trays to my overflow plastic greenhouse at the back of the large one, gained more shelf space and placed two more large pots there. Two more tomato plants have a new home.


The main greenhouse is full to bursting

And to make sure all possible little space and container is used, I have got some first early potatoes in bags in the overflow greenhouse. They are the Swift variety and doing very well.



There will be perfect looking gardens and allotments as the gardeners can’t do much else but do the jobs that they tried to ignore. Mine is the case in point.

The drive between our houses was rather full of weeds and it was one of the jobs that I thought – next time when I’m not too busy….

Well, yesterday and the day before were the time I decided to tackle it. There was an amazing load of weeds but I cleared it as best as I could. It looks great, until the next rain and then it will start sprouting. Well, if this situation here is to last a while, I will see to it again.

Under the heading ‘hedging my bets’ came the next task – clearing my little plastic greenhouse that is just behind the big one. It wasn’t meant for growing anything there, just for storing pots, trays etc, to avoid clattering the main greenhouse. It worked but lately it was getting quite difficult to get it. I just about managed to put the trays in and leave it. It was rather cathartic, the space is ready to be used and I did just that. I have got all my first early potatoes there in growing bags and as we’re not going  away any time soon I will be here to keep an eye on them, top them up with more soil and water them.

Cutting down the bamboo is the next job….


It is very frustrating this year. I was convinced that spring was here, my digging was getting done and I had plans what seeds to sow. Mother nature had a different idea and now I am stuck in, frustrated, unable to do anything. They are Marfona, Swift and British Queen.

Old egg boxes come very useful for this and in the end they can be torn up and put in the composter bins so nothing gets wasted.


At last! I was hoping that I might be lucky – I planted some Swift potatoes in a few bucket and kept them in the back garden. I tried my luck today and the result is very pleasing. This is not the whole harvest, I just managed to pull out some, just to give us a taste.


There are many more on the allotment so we can look forward to a few tasty dinners.






We can be quite sure that we’ll never go short of potatoes.

After getting the ground ready yesterday – drawing the furrows ready for planting today – all I had to do today was to put some sharp sand in the bottom of each furrow, then slug pellets and finally plant my potatoes.

My very first earlies are already growing in pots in the back garden – Swift and Rocket.

On the allotment I have:

Valor – late maincrop; Setanta – maincrop; Kestrel – second early and Ratte – early maincrop.


I’m delighted – my first new potatoes today, the ‘Swift’ variety. This is only a trial, I carefully dug around one plant and the result is not too bad. This is the first time I grew Swift and most certainly will do again.

The ground wasn’t very good, it is a plot that got a bit neglected, I took it over in the autumn and work on it. Obviously it needs a bit more magic.

002That’s the lunch sorted out for tomorrow, now a bit of the fabulous curly kale to go with it and we’re almost there.

001Couldn’t be any fresher and there’s no waste on that.

Strawberry harvest to date – 11kg!