Yet another great result – my second early potatoes. I planted two kinds – Estima and Kestrel and out of the two Estima is much better.

A reminder for next year – Estima.

It was a boiling hot morning, I was glad I started early. I left them on the ground, the skins will dry and harden and I shall bag them tonight.


It was a beautiful day today, just like a summer’s day so I decided to make a day of it. I made myself a flask of coffee, took a couple of slices of the bread I made yesterday, bottle of water and a banana and went to the allotment. I wanted to do a lot there and I think I managed. I finished sowing parsnips and carrots and also planted four rows of second early potatoes.

All this took quite a while, the ground was really dry and hard. I never thought I would be wishing for rain.

After a short break I continued with parsnip sowing – we shall have six lines of them. This year I took my time and sowed the seeds very slowly, fairly thinly so I wouldn’t need to thin the seedlings out. It worked and I made one packet of seeds go rather far. Then I did three more rows of carrots so all in all we shall have plenty of vegetables.

As the last job in the afternoon I decided to tackle the newly erected polytunnel.


This was the sight that opened before me. Not very encouraging but everything is manageable.


This is the better look, after turning the lawn-like surface over. The plan is to get to it tomorrow and clean out all the roots and clumps of grass, then spread a couple of sacks of horse muck, dig it in and wait for the right time to plant some cucumbers there.


Today was a perfect day for potato harvesting. Ideally the spuds should be dug out and left on the surface for the skins to harden and any soil sticking to them to fall off. They should be left out as long as possible and later in the day put into sacks and stored.

It worked just like clockwork, I dug like a fury, got all the potatoes out, spread them on the ground and went home. I also selected all the ones I managed to cut or damage in any way, I can use these as we go. They shouldn’t be stored with the good ones.

Later in the afternoon I went back and the potatoes were perfectly dry; I had three small hessian sacks and now I have on sack each of Kestrel and Estima and one mixed one.