My friend Dave gave me some New Zealand yams to grow on the allotment. I’ve never tried to grow them and also I wasn’t quite sure how they would like our climate.

They grew well, the foliage looked healthy and it even flowered. It said to try to harvest it after the plant wilted after some frost. Yesterday I pulled out all the little tubers from under one plant. It was quite a good harvest – there are two more plants there.

The next task was to find a recipe. Anything can be found online, I did and we had it tonight for our tea, with some giant couscous. It was a very simple recipe,  oven roasted with some orange juice and rind and a drizzle of honey.

Delicious! I must remember to save a few of the little tubers for next year.



A little while ago my friend Dave gave me a packet with four New Zealand yam tubers. I have heard of them but never seen them so I was really careful to follow instructions as best I could. I’m hoping I will have a good harvest so we can share it and also keep some for growing next year.

I have chitted them inside the greenhouse and now when is nice and warm planted them outside.