The work continues. Yesterday I managed to uproot most of the tall sunflowers and left them for the next day.  That day was today. Yet another very mild day, ideal for some hoeing – I don’t dig as a rule and it seems to work. I wanted to clear the whole patch where I had the elephant garlic and sweetcorn. Half of it was done so I wanted to finish it. The soil is so beautifully crumbly, full of worms and I even found about six more elephant garlic plants. These I planted into a small bed, ready with some so these have just filled it.


I have got quite a lot of elephant garlic plants growing in a large grow bed in the greenhouse at home and I will plant them out in the spring.

The main part of the work today was quite easy in the end so I’m getting the plot sorted out slowly but surely.


Today was the turn of the composter bins. I have got five of them at the end of one of my plots and I’m filling them in turn. It always amazes me how quickly they rot down. Some of them were easier to empty and one yielded an amazing amount of this dark brown crumbly soil. I emptied one after another and using my wheelbarrow transferred it all to my other fruit trees and bushes.

There was only one more thing to do – planting my elephant garlic. I didn’t have much more strength anyway.20211108_125221