I took a gamble and started planting out some of my seedlings. Yestarday was a lovely day so after lunch I took most of my brassica seedlings over to the allotment and planted them out in the recently rejuvenated polytunnel – now a beautiful net tunnel. All in all there are 50 of them there – a mix of kohl rabi, purple kale, cavolo nero and cauliflower.

Even though it is only a net tunnel it feels slightly warmer inside, the mesh is so fine that it seems to stop the worst of the wind. Let us hope for the best.


I think they’ll be fine.

Next I had to get some of my courgette plants out, they were getting a bit too big. I decided to put them in one of the raised beds where I constructed a support for them. The plants are lowere down so the wind doesn’t affect them.

After that it was just time to have a look how everything is doing – the broad beens are doing very well, I pinched the tops and hopefully this will stop the blackfly invasion.004

The iceberg lettuce, the chinese cabbage and the Daubenton kale are all fine in the first net tunnel. Especially the kale – I bought just one plant and managed to get a number of cuttings, all rooted well and growing – this reduces the need to grow ordinary kale seedlings. This kale is very tasty and I’ve been picking it even during the winter.


I’m delighted – my first new potatoes today, the ‘Swift’ variety. This is only a trial, I carefully dug around one plant and the result is not too bad. This is the first time I grew Swift and most certainly will do again.

The ground wasn’t very good, it is a plot that got a bit neglected, I took it over in the autumn and work on it. Obviously it needs a bit more magic.

002That’s the lunch sorted out for tomorrow, now a bit of the fabulous curly kale to go with it and we’re almost there.

001Couldn’t be any fresher and there’s no waste on that.

Strawberry harvest to date – 11kg!