….but also savoury produce comes out of this tiny kitchen. I seem to have a glut of runner beans and you can only eat so many. I like them a lot and have a number of different ways of cooking them but…

I found a recipe for a spiced pickled runner bean chutney and I must say thet it is one of the best! It also works with French beans and after a few months is delicious served with cold meat, cheese and anything you might like to eat with chutney.

Thanks Delia!001


…blue, yellow, speckled and green, just like my beans.

I don’t grow the traditional runner beans but these beauties

The dark blue ones are Blauhilde, but they turn green when cooked.

Yellow flat beans are Golden Gate and produce amazingly long pods, taste great.

Green speckled beans are Selma Zebra and also turn green after cooking but with a hint of darker specks.

And the green ones are dwarf and climbing french beans.

What is there not to like!