…and everything looks much greener. I didn’t mind the rain today at all, the ground was so dry and hard it will take e few rainy days to penetrate a bit further down.

These courgette plants are doing very well, they’re just a small sample of the different varieties I have got there. The round one can grow to alarming sizes – last year one of them managed to get to 7 kg! It climbs so I’ll be able to see them well as they get bigger. I saved some seeds from my last year’s giant so these could do just as well.

There are not only courgettes climbing up the structures but also some climbing beans, alas, the blue ones lose their colour after cooking .


…blue, yellow, speckled and green, just like my beans.

I don’t grow the traditional runner beans but these beauties

The dark blue ones are Blauhilde, but they turn green when cooked.

Yellow flat beans are Golden Gate and produce amazingly long pods, taste great.

Green speckled beans are Selma Zebra and also turn green after cooking but with a hint of darker specks.

And the green ones are dwarf and climbing french beans.

What is there not to like!